Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marjorie Henshaw Update Mid-February '09

Marjorie is healing from her second round of chemo, with two more to go.  

Her head is bare and her spirits are strong.  

She had a fall as she prepared to go to the pool a week ago, but besides some cuts and bruises, she is doing well.

She loves hearing from friends by phone, and she'll talk as much as you can imagine.  

Her son, Steve, and his wife, Linda, plus kids, Ellie and Tyler, are visiting Santa Barbara and giving her lots of love this weekend (February 21+).  

She is enjoying her new scene at Vista del Monte but is not sure about how our society segregates the generations.  She does not fit in any age-stereotyped category, our mom/Margie!

Donna (long-time member of the family, partner of Ceci) will be back to stay with Margie for her 3rd round of chemo, which starts on Wednesday, February 24th.

She sends big hugs to everyone who is keeping her in their hearts as she manages life with breast cancer.


Frederick said...

Hi all,
Blog is new to us,but we are delighted to join the Blog Web? As well as talking to Marj on the phone, we spoke to her our last Friday (CA's Thursday) as she was going out to dinner and then to CAMA with a friend. Hope she enjoyed it.
A day never goes by when we don't think of her. She is part of our family and we are part of her's.
Lots of love Marj.
Fred and Cheryl Haddock 2731 Miradero Drive
and Canberra Australia

Marjorie's Daughter said...

Hi Fred and Cheryl.
I didn't even think of the possibility that others would post here. I just wanted to experiment with a centralized way of getting news out. How wonderful that you tech smart couple of sweethearts have added to the blog. Thank you!!

Grace Bloodgood said...

It is so wonderful that you will have Donna with you again. It is comforting to us to know you are being so well taken care of.
Grace Bloodgood

Marjorie's Daughter said...

hi grace
thank you for sending the loving messages to mom/margie. Donna arrives tonight and will read them to mom.

Pat Shannon said...

Thanks, dearest Ceci, and all who contribute to this wonderful idea. We appreciate the updates and love seeing the photos. Margie is in our hearts and prayers, every day, here in far away Maine. Sometimes we feel like we are on opposite sides of the earth, not just the US. Efforts like this blog help us to feel closer and more involved. Love, love, love to you and your mom.

Pat and TJ

victoria said...

Lots of love from Vicky,Tim,Franke,and Raquel besos Bicky