Saturday, April 17, 2010

Marjorie died at 12:04 AM, April 16th

Calm, comfortable, and with a little smile surrounded by loved ones, Margie left on her next adventure... we are going miss her.

Love to all.

A photo of Marjorie on April 8th at her celebration

(please see other comments by friends, with this same picture, posted below on April 16th.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anabel Shaw Fan Club

After her lifetime performance as Marjorie Henshaw, Anabel Shaw provided one last appearance to many of her closest fans and friends on April 8, 2010, in Santa Barbara, Calif.

With her one-of-a-kind style and grace, she delivered love and her good company to everyone whom she was able to greet, hug, smile and share words with in special moments that turned out to be just prior to her approaching departure and final bow on April 16, 2010.

Remarkably, she was able to combine multiple and overlapping roles within her main title appearance as Marjorie Henshaw. From blossoming young actress to magazine cover model appearing on such notable publications as Life magazine and This Week, to a consummate and accomplished mother of three adoring children, to world traveler and eventually travel author with the completion of her memoirs in the just-published "Quintet in Asia Minor," even to her closing moments she reflected the singular dignity, class, love and appreciation for every scene that she shared with all of us in her worldwide fan club.

Fortunately for all of us, her granddaughter Ellie has reminded us at the Anabel Shaw Fan Club headquarters that we can all view fun biographical information and even some of her fun movie clips by clicking over to the "Famous People" website (you can copy and paste this website address into your browser):

From all of us at the Anabel Shaw Fan Club, thank you all for your good taste in recognizing and appreciating one of the greatest talents and loveliest ladies to grace the stage of this planet.

We are better for how she has touched us all and will continue to shine through each of us with her radiant and unique spirit and character.

Margie's last week

Calm, comfortable, and with a little smile surrounded by loved ones, Margie left on her next adventure... we are going miss her.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Honoring the Flow of a Wonderful Life

We had an amazing celebration of life on Thursday with a lunch at the beautiful La Casa de Maria in Montecito. Margie gave her children each an assignment: Ceci had a compiled love letter from the 3 of us, Anabel gave a story of her life so far, and Steve had the photo retrospective ... we had time to have people give their views and feelings. Some wrote something to give Margie. These we read to her on Friday and Saturday and have pasted them into a guest book. Margie gave everyone her book A Quintet in Asia Minor, finished last year, and printed last month.

The day was fabulous. Some 90 plus of all her near and dear friends and family were there. Her walker friends, her girl friends of the symphony, her young associates from all her enterprises, her children’s friends from life with her, friends from Wrightwood. Her sister and cousins of her generation were there too -- wonderful. The presentations in the sanctuary were poignant, the symbol of the rose gratifying, and Margie’s force and presence appreciated by all.

At lunch, more sharing of Margie impressions along with music and a Ukulele Serenade of “Margie” by John and Robert of Grupo Chucumite that evoked the 1920s. Steve’s photo retrospective played in the lounge and after lunch there for dessert Margie held court. Exhausted but happy, she left for her home at Vista del Monte.

Margie’s celebration of the flow of life was quite a day and since she every day is changed. We have been overwhelmed by the dimensions of our lives with Margie and know you all are nurturing your memories of her too.

(forgive the bad video artist -- a better video is in the mix, but this is what we have right now):

Mom/Margie is getting weaker quickly. She is staying in bed.

Hospice has a lovely CNA who will come now everyday to bathe mom.

Anabel, I, or a Home Instead helper change mom's absorbent briefs in bed and keep her clean. She still smiles and talks, sometimes only weakly. . She has some trouble swallowing water, but she can take pills with a little pudding. This morning, she ate some oatmeal, a bit of a roll, two tiny cups of rice milk with "Pero" (coffee substitute) and some prunes with apple sauce.

Last night Anabel slept next to mom. Mom was up a couple of times. One time the Home Instead helper (Jenn) came in and helped Anabel. Anabel was pretty tired this morning, but she took care of mom and then went off to campus.

The hospice nurse and social worker were here early. Brenda, the social worker, talked comfortingly to Anabel as she struggles with exhaustion (so many years of being the first call for caregiving of both mom and dad). Anabel is also sad that she will be away from mom in the field soon. Anabel is still deciding, but Mom really wants Anabel to do her work.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marjorie in hospice care

Marjorie chose to start hospice care two weeks ago. She is getting wonderful care from Annette (RN case manager), Brenda (social worker), Mario (spiritual counselor) and Nadia (many talents, currently foot reflexology).

Marjorie needs lots of rest. Though she cannot resist answering the phone, we have disconnected it a couple of evenings so that she can rest, sleep, and only wake up when she feels moved on her own.

Ceci and partner (also hospice RN) are with Marjorie right now.

Steve was here last weekend.

Anabel continues to be the anchor and main organizer of everything.... unbelievable.

Marjorie is mostly comfortable. She has had a couple of pain crises, but Donna is able to help calm her and make sure that the right medications get in her system.

Marjorie has told stories of her life to Life Chronicles' lovely and brilliant founder, Kate. Check out their amazing service at