Thursday, February 26, 2009

2/25/09 Update on Mom/Marjorie

An update from Donna to the Ford kids -- Just Read "Marjorie" where it says "your mom" and it will work for you all too:

As you all know yesterday your mom had her 3rd chemo treatment.  Prior to her treatment Dr. Greenwald (oncologist) met with her and reviewed her condition and blood work.  Issues that were discussed are as follows.

1. Your mom has lymphadema in her right arm and hand .  Dr. Greenwald feels that her fall probably was the culprit.  He suggests she wear her compression sleeve for her arm and hand during the day and removing it at night.  Elevation of her arm on some pillows when she is laying down is also a good idea.  Your mom may also see Holly, the lymphodema expert she saw prior to her surgery for other ideas.

2.  Your mom's increased weakness/fatigue .   Dr. Greenwald feels that is very important that Margie get lots of rest and not load her days up with many activities at this time.   It is important that she keep her strength up with some exercise but, it should be followed by rest.  

3.  Blood work.  Dr. Greenwald reviewed the blood work from this week and determined that although there is not much change for the better or the worse your mom's hemoglobin and hematicrit are below norm which contributes to fatigue, balance issues, falls and oxygenation problems.  He does not believe a transfusion is necessary as her levels are not that low but, suggested an injection that would boost her red blood cells.  The name of the medication is Aranesp and she will receive this today with her neulasta.  Unfortunately Medicare does not pay for this med and it is about 960.00.

4.  Falling/injuries- We all talked about the importance of your mom reporting any falls or injuries she may have immediately to Vista (the place Marjorie lives) and Greenwald.  Chemo causes poor wound healing and Margie is more susceptible to infections especially if she has open cuts.

After our visit with Dr. Greenwald your mom had her chemo which was uneventful.  We went through more of her past Christmas cards, laughed and shared stories.   

From chemo we went and picked up Sushi which she had a craving for.  

Her appetite was very good yesterday although her intake of fluids was not.  She does love her coffee!

Her BP, temp, pulse were all in the normal range for the day.

She took all of her meds, including the Dexamethasone.

She is up now and we will be heading to breakfast, after that Sabrina (Pilates instructor and friend) will visit and at 3:10 we will go to the clinic so she can get her injections.

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Frederick said...

Hi Bloggers,
Friday afternoon here 3.30pm and quite warm.
We just want to thank you Donna, for that blow by blow description of "our" Marjorie. Tell her to hang in there and to be good. Keep the fluids up sweetheart
We love you to bits
Cheryl and Fred
PS Our wedding anniversary today. We are going out to one of Canberra's best and oldest steakhouses tonite for dinner. No guesses about the mains.
Love C&F