Thursday, April 16, 2009

Margie doing well but tired

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! 
Anabel has been in a whirlwind as she prepares to leave for her field season in Belize, and Ceci is catching up with classes and writing after her time with Margie.

Margie is doing well, but as you can imagine, she wishes the treatment were really finished right now. She is ready to move more energetically into her new dwelling and community at Vista del Monte, and she misses walking on the beach with her walker group. She misses her regular theater and music evenings with her dear friends, and she misses just feeling like herself.

Her next phase of treatment will start in the next couple of weeks. It will involve radiation to the immediate area around where the tumor was removed. This treatment causes fatigue and it will also aggravate the swelling in her right arm (lymphedema, due to lymph nodes being removed).  However, even though there are these unpleasant side effects, the nature of the aggressive form of cancer she is fighting requires this further attack on the bad cells.

Margie has had visits from Steve and from Ceci and Donna. Anabel has been there all the time as a constant source of logistical support.  Margie continues to do exercises with her pilates teacher, Sabrina.

We are all grateful for all the wonderful calls and prayers and good energy you are sending Margie/Mom's way. She has especially loved the applause of her fellow walkers on the mornings she has arrived just in time for a stack of pancakes as they all get together at the end of the beachfront walk.

love and many blessings!

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victoria said...

We all love you so much...Vicky Tim Franke and Raquel