Sunday, March 29, 2009

Margie is holding her own.  This is the 4th day of the last chemo cycle, definitely a down day.  But look at our Margie/Mom!  She's hanging in there! Tomorrow (Monday) is Ceci's last day before returning to Madison to complete the semester.  Donna will stay till  the end of the week, when Estela, our dear friend, will take over for 10 days.

So tomorrow will be a special day. Though Margie is tired and is having stomach pain, she wants to join her walking friends for breakfast at the beach.  We will then contact her GI doctor to be sure that he knows her current symptoms. We will also get a prescription for the Prilosec that helps her tummy (prescription = possible insurance coverage).

Ceci and Donna look forward to more relaxed and healing time with Mom on Monday.

love to everyone!

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Judith said...

Hello to my buddy Margie! This is Judith Glass from Berkeley sending love and kisses to the ever-beautiful Margie! I am an 11-year cancer survivor, so I am with you all the way! I keep up on you through Ele who is doing very well, also! Would love to see you one of these days. Alex sends his love, too!