Sunday, June 28, 2009

Radiation has come to completion!

Margie is overjoyed that both chemo and radiation treatments are now finished.
She still feels the effects from the last radiation (June 25th), but she is looking forward to better days. Imagine not having to go into the Cancer Center every weekday!!

Margie has yet to talk to my little video camera to greet you all herself, but I am working on that.

In the meantime, you probably know that she celebrated her 88th birthday this week. Lots of cards and calls. A delightful lunch with some of her dearest Santa Barbara friends. And the festivities haven't stopped. Her care companion, Kara, brought flowers on Friday. Saturday night we had dinner in the apartment with Helen Frederick, old friend and fellow Vista del Monte neighbor. Steve took Mom/Margie on an excursion to Ventura for lunch today, and tonight Fred and Cheryl Haddock (upstairs neighbors at the condo and dear dear friends) hosted us both for a fantastic dinner at the Biltmore. Tomorrow, we have lunch at the "Spanish Table" in the dining room with her new friends from Honduras, plus others who like to speak Spanish. They will celebrate a couple of birthdays. Finally (I think it's the final plan), Andreya, another care friend, will take us on a drive up high on Camino Cielo, ending up in Montecito for a cup of tea.

Margie sends love to you all!

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