Thursday, July 2, 2009

Last day of Ceci's visit (july 2nd, '09)

First: I just noticed that I didn't list Margie's fantastic surprise last Friday when we arrived at her East Beach Walkers' group. Not only did they greet her with applause, but they then produced a delicious cake with "You Go Girl!" on a flag flying from the top. What at joy. I do have some little video clips of this to put up on the blog when I get back to Madison.

Okay, so... the last day of my visit with Margie/Mom ( I will be back at the end of July, plus Anabel returns next week, and Steve, Linda and kids will visit again soon and particularly at the start of August).

Today, Thursday, Mom and I had both a busy and a relaxing day. I went cat-food shopping at Lazy Acres while mom got herself breakfast and visited the Vista Clinic. I then stopped by the condo to look for a few things that mom has been missing (including her beloved guest bathroom watercolor, plus vases, trays etc.). She was delighted to see these precious and familiar things.

After lunch, Mom's pilates teacher came by, and they worked hard. Then came Andreya, one of the lovely care givers Anabel arranged through Home Instead. Andreya and Mom did things around the apartment, while I rode my bike back to the beachside rental place, and Andreya & Mom drove down to pick me up.

Then we all relaxed, with Andreya guiding us in a yoga relaxation and breathing exercise (Andreya is also a very very skilled yoga teacher). I recorded the guided meditation and made it into a CD for mom to listen to at other times.

Finally, Mom and I shared a nice little meal, watched PBS, and are now preparing for bed!

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