Thursday, July 30, 2009

Margie off exercising in the Vista pool!!!

Ceci is visiting Margie this week. As I (ceci) write, Margie is off at the pool for exercise. Now that's a great sign, no? She does exercises with her Pilates instructor, Sabrina, a couple of times a week and always enjoys errands, cleaning up, and just visiting with her home companions Kara and Andreya (5 afternoons a week).

Ceci stays till the 6th of August, when Linda and the kids arrive from San Diego. Linda, Steve, Ellie and Tyler will all enjoy time with Margie (and Margie with them!), plus more fun at Fiesta.

Anabel has been home from Mexico for the past week. She as Estela (who worked for our father in the San Fernando Valley for several years and has been an enormous help for Margie on weekends during cancer treatments) -- anyway, they have been feverishly clearing out every last thing from Margie's condo so that the realtor can make it shine for showing.

Love to everyone,

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