Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Dimensions

This past month has presented new dimensions of life. Margie is nearing the end of her second round of chemotherapy and continues to manage her life well. The chemo may be a monthly routine for a while. She has various aches and pains, some certainly related to her living with the cancer, but overall she is chipper and vital. Each day Margie lays out her plans, dresses in style, has her meals in the dining commons. Sabrina comes twice a week for her Pilates exercise, she has begun swimming to help the lymphedema related to her original surgery, and maintaining her social schedule.

We were at an appointment with her surgeon, Dr. Kim Grafton, who is helping to keep a watch on the skin rash, with is the main evidence for the cancer’s spread. We have seen no advance, which is good news, and it seems that there may be some changes that could be a retreat. Grafton was very positive about the review. We do not want to get too excited about it, Grafton is an eternal optimist, yet the fact is that we are looking for a way to live with this cancer and this could be it. Margie is scheduled for the third round of chemotherapy on the 19th November.

As Margie has finished her manuscript and Steve prepares to get it published, the protagonist of her true story, and Margie’s children’s father, Joe Ford, died on 12 October. While he had not been in great health, he seemed stable so this came as a surprise. When Ceci is out for Thanksgiving, we will have a small remembrance with our family and the wonderful caregivers at Villa Alamar, where Joe lived.

Life goes on relentlessly and there is always more to handle.

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