Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010 Update

Marjorie is fighting the cancer with all her spirit, and feeling joy after a long visit from Steve, Linda, Ellie and Tyler, followed by Ceci and culminating with a Ford family celebration honoring the lineage and Joe Ford. On January 9th many many friends and huge numbers of family members came together at Heritage Square in LA, where the home of Joe's grandfather is preserved Anabel had organized this fantastic celebration and the day was glorious, with so many wild and crazy stories of brilliance, love and ... well just the unique nature of Joe Ford and his family.

Margie has had success with a second chemo in the past few months, thanks to Steve's following a lead to get mom's tumor cells tested at an experimental lab in Long Beach. Unfortunately, the type of cancer she has morphs like a bacteria and becomes resistant to chemos that at first do work. So the cancer is spreading once again.

Margie is considering going into a drug trial that her oncologist is in favor of, an experimental treatment aimed particularly at "triple negative breast cancer" (Google that and find out more) in metastasis. At the same time, she is having more cells tested at the lab in Long Beach (Rational Therapeutics-- check it on Google too!).

Margie is strong and beautiful. She had her first haircut since the chemo hair loss (last February) on Friday the 8th, just before the Ford gathering. Really, she is radiant and being with all th
ose loving people was such a boost.

I (Ceci) have been here a week and leave tomorrow. Anabel and our cousin Kathy (Texas gal) will be tending to Margie tomorrow as she gets biopsies and discusses the drug trial. Anabel will again be on duty for a number of other doctoring events this week for Margie, but in addition, Anabel has to have a skin cancer procedure herself on Friday (please have her in your hearts).

There were lots of cameras and videos running during the Ford reunion, so watch this site for clips!

Steve has also shared some photos from a trip he gave Margie to visit her older sister near San Diego:

Hang tight for updates and photos with Margie's stylish sassy new haircut!

Love to all.

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victoria said...

Thank you Ceci For the new update I wish I could have been there with all of you.

Love Vicky