Sunday, March 7, 2010

Marjorie Going Chemo-Free.

Margie's participation in an experimental drug trial has not succeeded in stopping her cancer cells from growing. Now there are more in her liver. She has gone about two weeks without further chemo of any kind. The down side involved several days in Cottage Hospital because of side effects from the last chemo: dehydration, low sodium, anemia. Her daughter, Anabel, was by her side and a huge advocate.

Now Margie is home, resting but also getting out to enjoy new friends at Vista del Monte, including long conversations over breakfast. She plans to have dinner with a group of dear friends and concert-going gals on Tuesday, though she probably won't go to the concert after dinner. Her son, Steve, visited Friday evening and all day Saturday, and Margie got good time with him, his wife, Linda and dear grand children, Ellie and Tyler. She also had the pleasure of seeing Linda's parents again, as they were in California for family visits.

Ceci, Margie's Wisconsin daughter, arrived at 11 PM on Saturday and will stay at least a week, returning again on March 26th with her partner, Donna.

Marjorie has met with a social worker and a nurse from hospice, and she finds them warm, supportive, and informative. She trusts them and she trusts her own choice to concentrate on comfort and joy rather than further rough cancer treatments. Her children are all supportive of her choice as well.

As she regains strength and finds a new (though still changing) "normal", without the toxic drugs going into her body, she will continue to rest but also to reach out to her dear friends for contact, conversation and loving distraction.

Keep her in the light of your hearts as she lives this mysterious journey. We all want peace and joy for her more than anything.

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