Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st Update on Marjorie

More news from Donna on Marjorie (just substitute her name for "your mom"):

Yesterday your mom started to feel what she calls "punk" and was more fatigued.  It was a day of rest for her though, she did go to the dining room for breakfast and to the pool in the afternoon.  She had less of an appetite yesterday mostly just nibbling on things.  I did get her some Miso soup from Gelson's  (which she asked for) and she ate a nice size bowl of it.  She says that "things just don't taste right" which is most likely related to the Chemo.  This morning she surprised me and ate a half of a Denver omelet,  a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of OJ, I praised her as she had a better appetite then I.

In the last day I have started giving her the Claritin, tylenol and Ibuprofen for her "aches."  She told me at breakfast that she feels "nervous like"  with "adrenilin flowing through me" .  Her BP, pulse and temp have remained normal.  My thought is she may be experiencing some anxiety and also that this may be another one of those chemo side effects.  If I remember correctly she described these feelings to me the last time she had chemo.  She continues to remain a trooper through all of these side effects and informs me now that she plans on going to the pool this afternoon.

The swelling in her right arm is almost gone but, her right hand still has some puffiness to it.   She has been wearing her support sleeves daily and holding her arm up in the air whenever she thinks of it:)

As far as her weight goes I do remember she was weighed in prior to her second chemo with her jacket and fanny pack on.  That definitly makes a difference!  But, I seem to remember that at one point maybe around her surgery she weighed close to 130 lbs.  I think maybe I'll skim through her medical reports here at the house and see what I can find.  If there is a scale down at the workout center/pool area I may just weigh her there.

Speaking  of the pool, I'll try to type up an easier schedule for her and Anabel to have.

Your mom's schedule of events for the week is as follows:  Reiki on Tues/Fri, Sabrina on Tues/Wed/Thurs, Sonja on Wed, and last but, far from least is lunch and a movie at Patricia's house on Thurs.   I here Patricia has a "fabulous place" so I'm looking forward to going.  

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Anabel said...

Please God you feel better every day Marjorie.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you
Michael and Maura