Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom/Margie is getting weaker quickly. She is staying in bed.

Hospice has a lovely CNA who will come now everyday to bathe mom.

Anabel, I, or a Home Instead helper change mom's absorbent briefs in bed and keep her clean. She still smiles and talks, sometimes only weakly. . She has some trouble swallowing water, but she can take pills with a little pudding. This morning, she ate some oatmeal, a bit of a roll, two tiny cups of rice milk with "Pero" (coffee substitute) and some prunes with apple sauce.

Last night Anabel slept next to mom. Mom was up a couple of times. One time the Home Instead helper (Jenn) came in and helped Anabel. Anabel was pretty tired this morning, but she took care of mom and then went off to campus.

The hospice nurse and social worker were here early. Brenda, the social worker, talked comfortingly to Anabel as she struggles with exhaustion (so many years of being the first call for caregiving of both mom and dad). Anabel is also sad that she will be away from mom in the field soon. Anabel is still deciding, but Mom really wants Anabel to do her work.

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