Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marjorie in hospice care

Marjorie chose to start hospice care two weeks ago. She is getting wonderful care from Annette (RN case manager), Brenda (social worker), Mario (spiritual counselor) and Nadia (many talents, currently foot reflexology).

Marjorie needs lots of rest. Though she cannot resist answering the phone, we have disconnected it a couple of evenings so that she can rest, sleep, and only wake up when she feels moved on her own.

Ceci and partner (also hospice RN) are with Marjorie right now.

Steve was here last weekend.

Anabel continues to be the anchor and main organizer of everything.... unbelievable.

Marjorie is mostly comfortable. She has had a couple of pain crises, but Donna is able to help calm her and make sure that the right medications get in her system.

Marjorie has told stories of her life to Life Chronicles' lovely and brilliant founder, Kate. Check out their amazing service at

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