Monday, May 4, 2009

Margie is doing well. Busy busy busy. She's insisted on taking a driving refresher course starting today (Monday the 5th) (3 hours!), and she starts radiation today as well.  She's been doing pool exercise.  Her right hip popped out last week. It's awful when that happens with those hip replacements, and she feels some aching and weakness with that, but it's not stopping her.

Ceci will be staying with Margie for 10 days starting Tues. the 12th.  


Anonymous said...

/\ /\ /\ :( /\ /\ /\ :( /\ /\ /\
This is us walking, without you, Marjorie!
We need you to return! We miss you!
Hugs from Tonia

elinore said...

Hello Aunt Margie and Cec and Anabel and whoever might read this. I opened a Gmail account so that I could write you. Forget traditional mail, I just won't get around to it.... ever. But, I wanted you to know that I'm constantly checking Marjorie's update page, I read it to Mom over the phone and I'm thinking about you ALL THE TIME. Mom loves hearing the updates.
Cec (I think it's you) great music!!!
I'm glad to hear that you are "go, go, go" A. Margie. And so sorry to hear about the hip deal. What's the deal there???
I'll write more often. Loads of love and good thoughts to you, Ellie (your niece)

Marjorie's Daughter said...

Ellie- I will read your note to my mom tonight. xxxxxx