Sunday, May 17, 2009

Margie tired but good

Margie is starting her 3rd week of radiation tomorrow (Monday the 18th).  She has a bit over 4 weeks to go, and she's starting to feel pretty tired.  She is literally counting down the days till she's done with this treatment.  She is also on some heavy duty antibiotics for the "H. Bacter", the cause of her ulcer (recall her hospitalization midway through the chemo).   The antibiotics are also take the fun out of eating since they are hard on her digestive system themselves.  

Margie hopes that anyone she's talked to on the phone, at dinner or at the East Beach Grill (walkers) will forgive her for incoherence.  The fatigue is taking a toll on her concentration, and she is self-conscious about that.

She loves all the notes and the calls, and she misses her schedule of riding the train to San Diego to  stay with Steve, Linda, Ellie and Tyler, along with visiting her sister Jane and niece Kit.

Margie also wants to share her excitement about the siting of a Jaguar and her pups at El Pilar, the archeological and ecological preserve that Anabel has devoted her life to for so long.  It is surely a wonderful sign that this mysterious animal is comfortable in that very special place.

Other news: Steve was here a week ago and showed mom a wonderful time.  She is still glowing from that.  She talked with Steve today and reports that he attended Tyler's graduation from.... well she couldn't tell this reporter what exactly Tyler graduated from, but she was happy to report that there'd been a celebration.

By the way, Linda's Aunt Jo stopped by after attending the wedding of one of Margie's neighbors, a resident at Vista del Monte.  Ceci (your reporter here) enjoyed meeting this tall, elegant and energetic woman.

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