Monday, May 18, 2009

set back but margie strong in spirit but weary in body

Well, we got a bad report on the small small, pearl-sized bump that Ceci found near the site of the mastectomy.  The pathology report identified this growth as the same cancer as Margie's original breast cancer. This small tumor must have grown rapidly, because there was no evidence of cancer growth in the PT Scan just 3 weeks ago.

 Ceci and Margie will see the chemo-oncologist tomorrow. The doctors appear to agree right now that Margie needs to continue radiation treatments to reach a level of radiation to reduce cancer growth around the original tumor site.

What is not clear is what the next move will be. Dr. Greenwald (whom I call the chemo man) is a very thoughtful scientist.  We meet with him tomorrow to explore options for what to do next.  Certainly a scan is in order, now or after the radiation is finished.  The scan will tell us whether any other tumors have formed.

If you pray, meditate, or send positive energy in other ways, this would be a fantastic time to turn on that spirit.

Margie is both strong and weary.  

Love to all...

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elinore said...

I do pray and am praying. I have lots and lots of positive energy and will send it all your way. I love you all and am thinking good thoughts. Love, El