Thursday, March 26, 2009

At last the final chemo treatment!

Margie will have her final round of chemo today, Thursday the 26th.  Her blood worked looked good and safe for the last treatment, and her stomach has been doing well with the right medication.   

Donna and I will trade off keeping Margie company for the 5 hours she'll be sitting with the drugs filtering into her.  

We expect her to have the same kind of slump over the weekend and through next week as she has had in those stages during previous rounds. However, we do not expect that there will be the very scary symptoms that alerted us to her blood loss two weeks ago.

Margie cherishes hearing of all you good wishes, and she delights in the notes and cards you all have sent.  I am sure that you know this, even if she's not had the energy to write or call in thanks.

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marcia said...

hooray for getting past the last dose! am pleased to hear that the salad sounded good, too. keep up the fine work...and know that folks from far away (not to mention close to home) are sending good wishes.

marcia diamond