Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27th

Marjorie is tired after 5.5 hours of chemo yesterday. 
She had lovely foot reflexology at 9 Am this morning.  She then returned to her home at Vista del Monte and had the clinic check her blood pressure. It looks high, so she is adding to her blood pressure medications (she had cut back on these when her blood pressure dropped due to the internal bleed a couple of weeks back).  Margie napped through the lunch hour, but Ceci and Donna went to the Vista del Monte dining room and picked up a great salad. 

We have just mixed the salad with Margie's leftover chicken teriaki from Edo Masa last night. She is enjoying her chicken salad on the balcony, taking in fresh air as well.  She says it is a fabulous salad (a pretty good review for a woman on chemo).

So all is quiet here. 

Ceci leaves on Tuesday (early early), and Donna stays on till Saturday.  Estela (a family friend and a woman who cared for our father in the last decade of the time he still lived in Northridge) will take over from Donna.  Estela will stay on for 10 days. 

Then,... at last!... Margie's chemo will be behind her!

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