Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hi everyone,(from Donna to kids - keep substituting Majorie for your mom!)
March 3rd

Your mom is napping peacefully at this time so I thought I send you all the latest.

After I wrote you that note yesterday your mom complained of feeling "queasy" and nauseous.  I asked her when it started and she told me while she was going through her mail.  She did not eat much for lunch yesterday other than an orange.  It was close to dinner time so I gave her a compazine/her antinausea medication.  We then both went to dining area and decided to bring the meal back to  the apartment.  When we returned to the apartment she leaned up against the wall and said "I feel terrible, I think I'm going to vomit."  We then spent about 5 mins next to the "porcelain goddess" without any results.  She decided to lay down in bed and was there for about 30 or 40 mins.  By that time her medication started working and she felt good enough to get up and eat some veggies and rice.  The remainder of the night she felt okay and stayed up until 10:30 doing things in her room.

I have a feeling that worrying about her mail is effecting her.  She says she "hates" to go to the mailbox because there is so much to deal with.  She is having a difficult time handling bills and appointment notices and feels at times very overwhelmed.  I am now sorting through her mail with her and trying to ease her mind.  

Today she had a Reiki appointment at 8:30 and afterwards she was soooo......... relaxed.  It's like a transformation in her.  We stopped at the bank and made a deposit of 2 checks she had received.  She had difficulties with making out the deposit slip so I did it for her.  I also sent a change of address to the company that sent her the checks.

We returned to the apartment and Sabrina worked with her at 10:30-11:30.  After that she went to the pool and then picked up lunch from the dining room.

While she was working out with Sabrina and swimming I took off and rented a bike in town.  Unfortunately I made a wrong turn out of a parking structure with a friendly policeman behind me.  He got me!  My first ticket ever.  I tried to tell him I was just a midwesterner visiting but, it went nowhere.  Oh well, at least I wasn't speeding and the bike ride was great!!

Tomorrow is another day with a full schedule, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me.

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Frederick said...

Hi Marjorie and Donna,
Thanks so much Donna for keeping us in touch with Marjorie's health. We are so grateful to hear from you and about your TLC.
Marjorie seems to be going through a bad patch at the moment, but we put that down to the fact that each Chemo treatment weakens her and that when they stop she will be back to the Gorgeous, laughing, rambunctious Marjorie we have known for years.
Just tell her to relax and rest. We love her to bits.
Love and hugs from us
Cheryl and Fred
P.S. Donna. sorry to hear that you got pinched by an SB cop, and for bike riding!!. He must have been trying hard to make his quota for the day. Bad sign for SB's economy!!
Love C&F