Friday, March 13, 2009

The latest news is that Margie is being admitted to Cottage tonight (,March 13th). She has been very weak; her blood pressure was falling; and finally Vista insisted that she get to the ER.  She has incredibly low hematacrit (5!  you and I would be low 11, 8 is the baseline before transfusion).  It maybe a stomach ulcer.  They will do GI work ups tomorrow.  Of course, we wish we were there with her already.  
Annie says Margie still in great spirits -- and the nurses at Cottage can't believe she looks so good with such terribly low red cells.  That's our Margie!
I don't believe that the oncologist will do the 4th chemo treatment next week.

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Tony Duque said...

I showed this to Mom today and she was VERY interested! So sorry to hear that A. Margie had to be hospitalized. We'll be calling tomorrow. Love to all, Ellie D.